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Amenities - State of the Art Fitness Floor

State of the Art Fitness Floor

Our fitness centers are kept up-to-date with high quality fitness equipment, from cardio machines to strength training lines, and of course a myriad of free weights. The latest in functional training equipment is available for your pleasure.

Personal Training Assessments

Sticking to a regular fitness routine is challenging; you don’t have to do it alone! Your personal trainer will help develop a workout regimen tailored to help you achieve your fitness and health goals, and cheer you on to victory!

Salt Water Filtered Aquatics Center

Training for a triathlon? Relieving the pain in your joints? Teaching the kids to swim? We’ll help you tackle all of your water needs. Indoor saltwater filtered lap pools, therapy pools and spa pools are open year-round! (*Salt water filtered varies by location).

Amenities - Child Care

Nurse Assessments

Getting fit and healthy is hard work — keeping track of your progress shouldn’t be! Our highly-trained nursing staff keeps tabs on your overall health, and helps you set new achievable goals to show your progress toward improving your health.

Amenities - State of the Art Fitness Floor

Locker Rooms with Sauna and Steam Room

Ready to relax after a hard day’s workout? Luxurious full-amenity locker rooms at your fitness club lead to sauna and steam rooms, perfect for cleansing your body of toxins and relaxing your muscles. You did great, you deserve to unwind!

Large Variety of Group Fitness Classes

Choose from a large variety of the latest Group Fitness classes in rotation throughout our club locations. You’re guaranteed to discover something you love!

Click on the Center below to view their Group Fitness Schedule.

Child Care

Making time for you is tough. Enjoy up to two hours of “you” time while we keep your kids safe and engaged in fun group activities, and provide closed circuit monitoring so you can have peace of mind.

Amenities - Child Care

Healthy Café

Tired of powdered protein shakes and kale chips? Yeah, we get that. Drop by the café to grab something a little less boring to eat! Fruit smoothies, protein-packed salads, and goodies even your dietician doesn’t turn down!

Amenities - State of the Art Fitness Floor

Day Spa

Being “in-shape” requires more than just toning your body; you need to heal it, too. Rejuvenate your body with a professional massage and full day spa experience unmatched by any other fitness center. You work hard, treat yourself. (*spa services vary by location)

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