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Four Block of Center Partnership

Four Blocks of Center Partnership

Team up with Fitness & Wellness to create your very own Fitness Center! You’ll become a part of the only network of medically-affiliated fitness & wellness programs designed to motivate people toward optimal health at every stage of life. The best part is, Fitness & Wellness has your back — we’ll assist you through the whole process.

Planning and Construction - Center Partnership

Planning & Construction

Whether you want to build from the ground up or renovate an existing structure, you’re in good hands with us. We’ll help you pick a place, build a plan, and create your perfect fitness center from start to finish.

Staff & Marketing Support - Center Partnership

Staff & Marketing Support

We’ll hire the right staff for the job and make sure everyone knows about your Center. Advertising and collateral will be provided to promote your facility.

Equipment Purchase & Installation - Center Partnership

Equipment Purchase & Installation

Furnish your center using our equipment vendors to provide the best experience. Set up your center with the latest and greatest, from body analysis to entertainment.

Facility Operations and Training - Center Partnership

Facility Operations & Training

Hiring and training new staff is hard; we’ll take care of it for you. Not only do we make sure your facility stays in tip-top shape, we train your team to take care of the equipment and amenities as well.

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