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Become part of a motivating community that thrives on fitness and physical activity, and strives to achieve total wellness!

Our proven process revolves around 4 key factors:



Monitor your progress and evolve your fitness program with our free fitness assessments. Motivation included! We help you set achievable goals that will help you progress on your journey to ever improving health. We conduct a motivational analysis that will help us understand what motivates you and what keeps you coming back for more.



We create a personalized program just for you. It is built specifically with your goals in mind! Nurse assessments are included in your membership free of charge. They provide a baseline and analyze your data. Using the baseline and data provided by the nurse assessments we can track your progress and see how well your plan is working.



Fitness professionals are on the floor at all times to answer any questions you may have! We hold challenges throughout the year to push our members  to do just a little bit more and earn prizes for completing them. With our Movofit app, you can earn rewards for beating your goals! Points can be used to get a free month of membership as well as other exciting prizes.



Every six weeks we will reassess your progress and make sure you are actively moving towards your goals. We help you set new achievable goals so you can continue to show progress and remain motivated on your journey to ever improving health. Our fitness professionals are there to support you every step of the way!

Path to Total Wellness - Fitness and Wellness Professional Services

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During your first visit with a free day pass, you’ll have access to the entire facility, all amenities included. Check out what’s waiting for you here!

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Stay motivated tomorrow.

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